dopey house doodles on paper from the old card catalog at work
little known fact: these are the true lyrics to that song 

I am so happy to announce my letterpress stationery is officially on sale today! There are two items, and the above is a set of note cards, which comes in a box (5 of each design) with envelopes made of beautiful Mohawk paper.These notecards are designed in Tokyo (me illustrating), San Francisco (planning and designing), and hand-printed in New York! We spent a lot of time in every detail, and I really appreciated patience and encouraging attitudes of people at Chronicle Books. The yellow colour was not yellow at first, but we changed the plan in the end and I am now very happy with the result.The other item will follow soon…レタープレスの商品が今日発売になりました。封筒付き、箱入りのカードセット。日本ではAmazonから購入できるようです。

these are SO PRECIOUS! Yellow and grey is the all-time best color combo.
in my comic character class today, we wrote character descriptions and then swapped and drew someone else’s character. I got to draw Ayse Tuzun’s adorable little “blob girl” Poppy. She is described as blob-like and teardrop shaped, with droopy noodle limbs and bags under her eyes. All she likes to do is nap. Basically she is the cuter cartoon version of me. 
This was so much fun to do, so if anyone wants to write up a little character description and send it to me I would be so excited to draw it!

Tyler Wittlinger

oh hey, this is mine, but it’s not the final piece. I’ll post some other variations later! (also this is gonna be printed out almost five feet tall, I’m pretty psyched)

finished the linework! time to scan :)

this is INSANE!

Senior project sneak peak! Almost done… with my first illustration haha.

dat cliff