Life update! I graduated in May from MCAD and I’m looking for a new city to start a life/career in! I’m currently living in Redondo Beach, California (30 miles south of LA), but this is just a temporary thing. Does anyone have any ideas for a good city to live in for a freelance illustrator/someone looking for a job in the package/product/pattern/surface design industry (really anything that I can get a job in, I am not picky honestly and I enjoy doing everything)?

Other illustrators: Where do you live? What do you do for a living? What do you like about your city? What do you not like about it? Would you recommend debt-laden fledgling artists move there? 

Thanks y’all, any advice is appreciated! <3 

~babe lincoln~
Shovel&#8217;s and Rope's new cd came out this week! Everybody buy it!
shaky coffee-hands doodle for Shakey Graves&#8217; and Esme Patterson&#8217;s song Dearly Departed. I&#8217;m just waiting for them to get married and ask me to design the wedding invitations.
here&#8217;s the live version from sxsw! 
rearranged and re-colored little snippet of a piece from a couple months ago
here&#8217;s the full character sheet! Ayse&#8217;s little blob girl is so much fun to draw.
dopey house doodles on paper from the old card catalog at work
little known fact: these are the true lyrics to that song